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About Wedding Rings - Engagement Rings

About Wedding Rings - Engagement Rings
Hebrew Posey rings - Meaning and Beauty Love rings

Are you thinking of Love rings or promise of love rings? You are probably living the most beautiful moments of life, feeling love, care, dreaming the future together. You are living romance and pure love.

The engagement ring or the love ring is the article that your beloved will wear on her finger (or his finger) all day long, and looking on it will remind all the romantic moments of love, during the everyday life.

In the past it was considered trivial that a solitaire diamond ring is the best choice for a wedding proposals. Today the modern young couples know that there are other beautiful alternatives as well. Between these alternatives we want to emphasize the Ani L'Dodi ring. These Jewish wedding rings, are the best and meaningful ring that express in a short Biblical verse the whole pure love. Made out of pure gold or silver these engraved with love verses from the bible are the most original modern with ancient roots jewel for the lovers.

The most popular verse "ani le dodi " has a special meaning :"I am to my beloved and my beloved to me", is taken from King Solomon's Song of Songs, a holy book talking of the special relationship between G-d and the Jewish people as well as between a man and a woman.

Jewish engagement rings come in various designs that are part of the Posey verse rings collection. You can choose one of the love verses from the Bible or from the Hebrew and Jewish tradition and culture or you can engrave your own verse of Love.

Today the two-tones-rings are very popular, as well as different textures designs, such as brushed finish, hammered textures. The spinner rings or spinning rings are very popular incorporating in one ring different textures, colours, a verse, and motion.

Another popular type of wedding and engagement rings are the silver and gold Kabbalah rings.

According to the Kabbalah each ring should have a unique shape, being circle on the inside representing the infinity of the marriage yet square on the outside representing the home. As of Today, the spiritual trend is growing in popularity so these kind of rings seem more and more in need.

By the Jewish law, a woman get married under the Huppah, A Jewish canopy, with a simple ring clean of any precious stones including diamonds. The reason is that our sages wanted to be sure the bride is not persued to the marriage just because she is attracted by the beauty of the ring. A diamond Ani L'Dodi rings make for perfect Jewish engagement rings not for a Jewish wedding ring.

The act of coming together of two people in marriage is a wonderful occasion in any religion. Every Jewish couple who is getting married is considered as if they have built a ruin of the ruins of Jerusalem. This is the reason why purchasing Jewish wedding rings adds a lot of depth to the celebration. Jewish wedding ring can be engraved with the moving verse recited by the groom at the wedding ceremony "If I Forget Thee O' Jerusalem I Shall Forget My Right Arm".

Are you searching for a unique ring? A ring which is full of meaning and beauty, a ring she (he) is sure to love at first sight? Think about the posey rings or the Hebrew rings. Beauty and Meaning.

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