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Ana be Coach Prayer

Ana be Coach Prayer
"Ana be koach" Membet Haotiot

The "Ana be koach" prayer is named after the first two words of the prayer. It has been taken from the Sefer Yetzira book, which Abraham wrote.

Each and every one of the seven combinations of the prayer can take one to a higher energetic level, to a secret code connecting one to a channel of a different energetic dimension

"Ana be koach" is divided to 7 verses. The first letters of every word form together seven letter sequences containing each 6 letters, 42 letters combined. This sequence is called "ben membet" or "the 42 letters". The importance of encrypted letters "mem-bet " is eminent in the primary prayers, for instance : the first verse of the "shema Israel" prayer contains 42 letters and each word is parallel to one of the 42 letters. Another example is the "shmone –esre" prayer, and the "amida" prayer, which begins with a blessing of 42 words. So does a main part of the "kadish", "…". These are 7 words are composed by 6 letters each and are parallel to the 7 combinations of the mem-bet otiot. Throughout the generations, "Ana be koach" has become a part of the prayer book and is present in the morning and afternoon prayer service, and also in the welcoming of the Sabbath, before the "lecha dodi" psalm.

Each of the 7 combinations of "Ana be koach" can take one to a higher energetic level, to a secret code, which connects us to an energetic channel of a different strata. In the "Shaar kavanot" book, the sacred Ari writes that without the "Ana be koach" prayer a person cannot elevate to high spiritual levels.

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