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At haki li ve ehzor

At haki li ve ehzor
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At chaki li ve'echzor,

ach chaki heitev.

At chaki li gam bik'dor

misag'rir halev.

At chaki le'et kipurim,

at chaki bechom,

at chaki et acherim

yish'takchu ad tom.

At chaki, chaki, velu

lo yavo michtav.

At chaki im gam yila'u

hamechakim lashav.

At chaki li ve'echzor,

ve'arur hasach

bevitchah g'murah le'emor:

"met hu...venish'kach..."

ya'aminu em va'av,

ki eineni chai,

ye'afu chakot lashav

kol re'ai, echai

Veyish'tu kos yayin mar

zecher nishmati...

At chaki vechos nim'har

al na, al tishti!

At chaki li ve'echzor,

chai ech'zorah, chai!

Hemah yishta'u le'emor:

"nes hu bevadai!"

Hemah lo yad'u/chiku, ve'eich

bein tavin nafsham

ki rak at bechakotech

hitzal'tini sham.

Eich nitzalti, - zot neda

rak ani ve'at:

ki yoter mikol adam

lechakot yad'at.


Wait for me and I'll return

But wait well.

Wait for me even in gloom

From the clouding of the heart.

Wait for me in the time of frost,

Wait for me in heat,

Wait for me while others

Are forgotten altogether.

Wait for me, wait, and though

No letter comes.

Wait even if they weary

Those who wait in vain.

Wait for me and I'll return,

And be damned he who says

With perfect assurance:

"He is dead... and Forgotten..."

Mother and father will believe

That I am not alive,

All my mates, my brothers

Will tire of waiting in vain.

And they will drink a glass of bitter wine,

In memory of my soul...

You, wait for me and from that rash glass

Please don't, don't drink!

Wait for me and I'll return,

Alive I'll return, alive!

They will be astounded, saying:

"It is a miracle, for certain."

They did not know/wait, and how

Might their soul fathom

That you alone in waiting

Saved me there.

How I was saved--this we will know

Only I and you

For more than any other

You knew to wait.

Thank You

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