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Bat Mitzvah jewelry hamsa talismans

Bat Mitzvah jewelry hamsa talismans
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The Israeli hamsa hand pendant

One of the most ancient symbols of many religions, the Hamsa Hand, or Hand of Miriam, is one of the original protective signs used in israeli jewelry.

It is believed that the one who wears a hamsa or hangs a hamsa in the house, will be protected from the EVIL EYE and it will bring positive energy, happiness, prosperity and health. The hamsa (root means "five") symbolizes the Creators protective hand.

An assortment of pretty hamsa necklaces, hamsa bracelets and earrings, perfect for Bat Mitzva gifts, for elegant women, for fashion jewels - featuring Israeli and universal meaningful hamsa motifs in silver, turquoise, opals, granate and pearls.


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Sterling silver israeli hamsa pendant
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