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How to measure your ring's size

How to measure your ring's size
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Measuring your ring's size

It is recommended to check your ring's size visiting a jewelry shop, but there are many times when you simply cannot go to the jeweler. You may want to do your shopping online in your own home. Wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings, birthstone rings, class rings, and all other types of rings can easily be sized by taking your own measurements.
Here's how to measure for ring size without the help of the jeweler. You can request from us by email a printable chart.


Things You'll Need:



Marker or pen

1.Take a string and wrap it around your ring finger. Be sure to mark the spot where the string meets the starting end with a marker or a pen.
2.Stretch the string out again and place it next to a ruler. Be sure to start the end of the string at the 0 mark on the ruler. Measure from the start of the string to the marked spot to determine the circumference of your ring finger. Measure in inches.
3.Ring sizes come in whole and half sizes. To determine your ring size, follow this chart with the measurements that you took.
1 13/16 in = 4

1 7/8 in= 4.5

1 15/16 in= 5

2 in= 5.5

2 1/16 in= 6

2 3/32 in= 6.5

2 1/8 in= 7

2 3/16 in= 7.5

2 1/4 in= 8

2 5/32 in= 8.5

2 5/16 in= 9

2 3/8 in= 9.5

2 7/16 in= 10

2 1/2 in= 10.5

2 9/16 in= 11

2 19/32 in= 11.5

2 5/8 in= 12

2 11/16 in= 12.5

Or in metric measures:

Size 3 corresponds to 44.1 millimeters.

Size 3 corresponds to 44.1 millimeters.

Size 3.5 corresponds to 45.4 millimeters

Size 4 corresponds to 46.7 millimeters

Size 4.5 corresponds to 48 millimeters

Size 5 corresponds to 49.2 millimeters

Size 5.5 corresponds to 50.5 millimeters

Size 6 corresponds to 51.8 millimeters

Size 6.5 corresponds to 53.1 millimeters

Size 7 corresponds to 54.3 millimeters

Size 7.5 corresponds to 55.6 millimeters

Size 8 corresponds to 56.9 millimeters

Size 8.5 corresponds to 58.2 millimeters

Size 9 corresponds to 59.4 millimeters

Size 9.5 corresponds to 60.7 millimeters

Size 10 corresponds to 62 millimeters

Size 10.5 corresponds to 63.3 millimeters

Size 11 corresponds to 64.5 millimeters

Size 11.5 corresponds to 65.8 millimeters

Size 12 corresponds to 67.1 millimeters

Size 12.5 corresponds to 68.3 millimeters

Size 13 corresponds to 69.7 millimeters

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