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Israeli magnets

Israeli magnets
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Israeli Jewelry - Israel Gifts

Israeli Vintage posters and fridge magnets

Nostalgia sparking a craze for early Israeli collectibles. Nostalgia, it appears, is creating a new market for Israeli memorabilia.

Do you feel warm in your heart for the State of Israel? Do images from Israel early days move you and your loved ones into nostalgic moments?

Do you wish to have images from Israelís past in your everyday life?

We are offering a beautiful collection chosen by us for this purpose and would be happy to learn more.

We offer an assortment of pictures and posters, fridge magnets, shana tova cards.

At Bluenoemi website we offer a vast number of high quality reproductions of Israeli, Zionist and Jewish Vintage Posters and Photographs dating back to the years before the Independence of Israel and the first days of the new State.

We offer Vintage Posters of the pre-1948, Vintage posters of the Birth of the I.D.F , official governmental vintage posters commemorating the Israeli Independence Day, the Kibbutz, the Europe Exodus, advertisements, Zionism, and much more.

We try to offer images and photos from different aspects of Jewish and Israeli modern history.

Posters and Photographs portraying the history of Israel referred through history in many different names: the Holy Land, Zion, ERETZ ISRAEL, Palestine, the British Mandate of Palestine, and the State of Israel, all meaning the land the houses the cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa and Eilat.

The history of Israel is featured in posters that accompanied the political history of the land, photos, magnets and posters from the early days of Zionism, the days of the British Mandate of Palestine, the 1948 war of independence and the first days of the young independent state as well as posters of the commemoration of its day of independence.

You can find also photos and posters of religious aspects of the Jewish life, religious holidays such as Passover and Hanukkah, synagogues and the Walling Wall and religious writings such as a Hebrew HAGGADAH.

You can find photos and images from national bodies such as the IDF, the ministry of Education, and organizations such as the JNF and the Jewish Agency.

Ancient Jewish history is recorded in the Bible and artifacts can be seen in a museum but these pieces are records of modern Israel and Jewish history.

Among the collectibles are picture postcard illustrated showing a young couple looking over the Yizreel Valley; another, youngsters dancing the hora on the shores of the Kinneret.

Commercial posters from the state's early years reflect a youthful, innocent spirit.

We love anything that recaptures the spirit of idealism and innocence that characterized Israel's early years.

We will be happy to share and learn more about these graphics historic posters and Israeliana from all of you.

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