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Israeli silver and gold spinning rings, swivel rings, made of 925 Sterling Silver and 9 CT gold & semi-precious stones. Stylish designer spin rings. You can personalize your ring with special verses or names. Click on the pictures to see all our Israeli rings models.

Rings Silver and Gold
Magnificent Israeli silver and gold stylish rings. Handmade sterling silver ring with spinning small delicate rings in 9K gold and sterling silver, composed into a stylish unique ring design, or accented with semi-precious stones. Choose the ring that can be your uniquely fantastic styled silver and gold swivel wedding ring. We offer designer rings that simply cannot be ignored. You can order your size and personalize the ring's inscription.

Mazel Tov: A bit about Jewish wedding rings.

"Harei At Mekudeshet Li Be-Tabaat Zo K'Dat Moshe Ve-Israel" - "Behold you are sanctified (betrothed) to me with this ring, according to the Law of Moses and Israel."

It sounds weird and strange but it is interesting to know and think about the traditional facts: In the first Mishna, at the begining of the tractate of "Kidushin", we learn that a woman is acquired through money. According to the house of Hillel, as is the Halacha, the minimum measurement of money is a pruta or the equivalent value of a pruta. Nonetheless, the common custom in Israel is to acquire a wife with a ring. The wearing of the ring on a regular basis is a permanent reminder throughout life of the special bond between the couple.

Gold or Silver?

Although the popular custom is to acquire a wife with a gold ring, some believe, like the Kabbalah, that a silver ring is actually better. As says the "Ben Ish Chai" - "It is a fine Mitzvah to acquire with a silver ring...a ring that surrounds the finger is a sign of the surrounding light she recieves by the marriage..."

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