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Jewish Jewelry | star of David | Hamsa | Chai

Jewish Jewelry | star of David | Hamsa | Chai
Jewish jewellery - from Wikipedia

Jewellery has been a part of Jewish culture since Biblical times.

There are references in the Bible to the wearing of jewellery, both as a decoration and as a symbol.

Now, Jewish jewelry is worn to show affiliation with Judaism, as well as talismans and amulets.

One of the most common symbols in Jewish jewellery is the star of David.

Another popular symbol is the hamsa, also known as the "Hamesh hand". The Hamsa appears often in a stylised form, as a hand with three fingers raised, and sometimes with two thumbs arranged symmetrically. Its five fingers are said to symbolise the five books if the Torah. The symbol is used for protection and as a talisman to ward off the evil eyein amulets and charms and can also be found in various places such as home entrances and cars.

It is also common to place other symbols in the middle of the hamsa that are believed to help against the evil eye such as fish, eyes and the star of David.

The colour blue, or more specifically light blue, is also considered protective against the evil eye and many Hamsas are in that colour or with embedded gemstones in different shades of blue.

The Chai is also a popular Jewish motif for necklaces.

Other motifs found in Jewish jewellery are symbols from the Kabbalah, such as the Merkaba, a three-dimensional Star of David, and the Tree of life. Pieces of jewellery are decorated with parts or initials of known Jewish prayers and with 3-letters combinations, believed to represent different names of the Jewish God.

Some of the Jewish jewelry symbols:

# Star of David (Magen Dovids)

# Hamsa

# Chai

# Mezuzah

# Hebrew name necklaces

# Dove of peace

# Fish Charms # Mizpah Pendant

# Kabbalah Bracelets

# Eilat Stone

# Roman Glass

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