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Kabbalah blessing verses spinner ring

Kabbalah blessing verses spinner ring
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Kabbalah sterling silver and 9 carat gold ring with 3 delicate engraved verses spinning bands.

Fits both women and men.

The silver spinning bands are engraved with verses from the Bible or with love verses.

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Please select 3 verses from the following list: All sizes are available! Note that wide rings usually require slightly bigger sizes.

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1. Matzati et she'ahava nafshi (I have found the one whom my soul loves) - a symbol of love.

2. Eshet hail mi imza (Who will find the woman of valor) - a symbol of appreciation and love to a woman

3. Ivarcheha Adonay ve'ishmarecha (God bless you and protect you) - a blessing for protection.

4. Ben Porat alei ayin (Son of a tree above a fountain) - a blessing for abundancy and longevity -

5. Ana Be'koach Gdulat yemincha (We beg you, with the strength and greatness of your right arm) - pleading for the help of God.

6. Maim rabim lo ichabu et ha'ahava - Many waters will not extinguish the fire of love - symbol of immortal strong love.

7. Ani Le dodi Ve dodi li (I am my beloved's, and the beloved is mine) - a symbol of reciprocal love and commitment.

8. A.L.D S.A.L - The combination of letters symbolizes protection, luck and happiness.

9. Im eshkacheh Yerushalaim tishachah yemini (If i forget you, jerusalem, I will lose my right arm) - a symbol of love to Israel.

10. Ben Porat Yosef (Josef the son of tree of life) - abundance and longevity symbol.

11. Yevarchecha Hashem Veyishmerecha - (Gad will blass you and protect you

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