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Noah Arik Lavi

Noah Arik Lavi
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No'ah nol'dah b'sadeh bein deshe le even

No'ah haytah k'mo egel shel tal

chartzit kat'fah basadeh umin hakoteret

tal'shah al'al al'al

Ken o lo, ken o lo,

elef shirim veshir No'ah

ken o lo al'alai

ken o lo o ulai

No'ah hovilah oto bein deshe le'even

No'ah nashkah lo im redet hatal

vehu be'eineiha shelah hetzitz cheresh cheresh

uvelo milah sha'al:

Ken o lo...

No'ah har chikah nadud mideshe me'even

mital'taleiha nam'chah lo hatal

ume'ah chartziot hadeshe tzofot achareiha

vekol aleh yish'al:

Ken o lo...

No'ah hi sham badeshe bein deshe le'even

shir acharon mezamer lah hatal

vekol chartziot hadeshe yafot hakoteret

bochot al'al al al

Ken o lo...


Noa was born in a field between stones and grass

Noa was like a drop of dew

she picked a daisy in the field and from the petals

plucked out leaflet by leaflet

Yes or no, yes or no

a thousand songs and song of Noa

yes or no my leaflets

yes or no or maybe

Noa lead him between stones and grass

Noa kissed him as the dew descended

and he in her eyes peeped softly

and without a word asked:

Yes or no...

Noa wandered far from the the stones and grass

the dew wiped away from her curls

a hundred daisies watched after her

and each leaf would ask:

Yes or no...

Noa is there in the field between stones and grass

the dew sings her a final song

and all the daisies of the grass of pretty petals

they weep a leaflet for her

Yes or no...

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