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Hayom ulai nidcheh et bo halailah

velo nish'af le'or kochav

hen li velach yesh kol asher nish'alah

mibli milim ned'a zot, ki nohav.

Hayom ulai nidcheh et ketz darkeinu

velo nizkor ki sof lakol.

Zeh hamish'ol she'bo dorchot ragleinu,

bish'nei k'tzotav hadeshe lo yibol.

Shotkim nohav ki li velach

dai bli milim she'hen le'eleh,

asher einam yod'im lomar acheret

kamah yafeh pore'ach halilach.

Hayom ulai nidcheh ha'atzevet

im yad beyad ba'or, nelech,

ki ru'ach k'for bachashecha noshevet

rak bamakom bo lo sham'u et shmech.

Shotkim nohav...

Hayom ulai nidcheh bo hashalechet

ve'lo yuchal lavo hastav.

Drachim rabot hen le'aviv memalechet -

im rak otan or chiyuchech yohav.

Shotkim nohav...


Today we'll maybe keep the night from coming

and we won't stretch out to the starlight

why, we do have everything that's asked for

without word we'll know this, for we'll love.

Today we'll maybe keep away our road's end

and we won't remember that everything ends.

It's the path on which our feet tread,

the grass won't dry on the two ends of it.

We'll love quietly because for you and I

it is enough without words that are those

that aren't able to say any other way

how nicely the lilac blooms.

Today we'll maybe keep away the gief

if we walk hand in hand, in the light,

for the wind blows frost in the darkness

only in the place that your name isn't heard.

We'll love quietly...

Today we'll maybe keep the leaf from falling

and autumn won't be able to arrive.

Many ways rule the spring season -

if only the light of your smile would love'em.

We'll love quietly...

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