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Semi-precious stones

Semi-precious stones
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The Rubi stone is one of the twelve spiritual stones of the higher prist and is identified with the Tribe of Reuben. The Ruby is known as the "queen of the stones" and the stone of fertility. During pregnancy the Ruby assists in protecting and easing the pregnancy helping ensure a sound and healthy pregnancy and also known for assisting in fertility when a woman decides to conceive a baby even when all sorts of fertiliy treatments have failed. The Ruby bears the fire of the universe, therefore it provides vigorousness, vivaciousness, strength and energy. A stone for happiness, protecting relationships.


The stone is dark or translucent purple. It is one of the breastplate stones and is from the quartz family it is considered a third eye stone, recommended for meditation. It promotes patience and inner peace. Helps overcome feelings of grief and fear. Good for sleeping disorders, bad dreams headaches and stress.


The stone is red in its various shades. It is one of the breastplate stones. It is a powerful stone, with high frequency and it promotes creativity and inspiration. It can be used to increase motivation or diminish bad moods and lower back pains. It also purifies the bloodstream and arouses sexual desire. It also provides confidence and increases intuition.


The stone has a greenish blue color and is from the quartz family. It is a powerful ring which increases the will for self fulfillment and provides confidence, serenity, inner balance, loyalty and friendship. It is good for lung problems and it increases life energies.

Black Tourmaline

The stone can be found in all colors: green, yellow-brown, purple and black. It is one of the most powerful stones that exist. It provides energetic protection from the evil eye, and bad energies. It raises our frequencies by strengthening our nervous system. It also has soothing abilities and can be used to overcome feelings of anger, hatred, envy and insecurities. This is a female stone, which directs energies inward, therefore it is recommended to leave it on sun light.


The stone is white with shades of gray, blue and brown. It is considered the stone of love and intimacy. Good for finding a partner. It sharpens the sense and provides balance. It eases despair and depression and absorbs stress. The moonstone is a yen female stone and symbolizes the moon's energies, therefore is empowers the feminine side of both sexes. The stone can be charged by exposure to moonlight.


The stone has an amber shade and is from the quartz family. It is defined as the stone of economic bounty and prosperity. It provides success in business. The citrine increases self confidence, and survival drive. It diminishes fatigue and is good for digestive problems.

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