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Turkish coffee - Elite coffee

Israeli Tea or Coffee?
Israeli Tea and Coffee. Elite roast & ground Turkish coffee .

Black turquish grounded premium coffee. Turkish coffee with hel

This label of Elite coffee exists for many years and it is the most popular Turkish coffee in Israel. Try at home the rich aroma of Oriental coffee.

"Coffee is like a fingerprint because we each take ir so differently: in a large or small cup, glass or mug, with or without milk or just a drop, strong or weak - it really doesn't matter.At the same time coffee is the biggest common denominator we have with billions of people around the world, waking up to its awesome aroma.

On a personal level, coffee is the answer that reacts right away and motivates us by providing strength, energy and renewal. It is a powerful desire, a yearning that cannot be denied.

When we drink coffee we want to continue to experience, taste, respond and create more and more new moments. Coffee moments.

You can enjoy them too!

To all of our buyers, please remember that we ship the products from Israel and it takes a bit longer to arrive to you than the local shipping time.

Please wait for the item patiently. It usualy takes 10-14 business days to arrive, but sometimes it takes even more as the parcels are shipped from Israel. Never happened that a parcel didn't arrive.

Elite roast & ground Turkish coffee Israeli coffee 100 gram
$10.00, 2/$19.00, 5/$45.00
Availability: In Stock
Israeli fresh Elite Turkish Coffee with Cardamom hel
$12.00, 2/$22.00, 5/$55.00
Availability: In Stock
Israeli Elite Instant Kosher Coffee Israel Pure Coffee
Availability: In Stock
Israeli tea Wissotzky Magic Garden herbal infusion - Lemonana Tea
$10.00, 0/$2.00, 18/$5.00, 40/$0.00
Availability: In Stock
Mini Green Tea Wissotzky Israel
Availability: In Stock
Mini Mahogany tea chest from Israel. Israeli tea
Availability: In Stock
Chamomile Honey Tea from Israel
$10.00, 0/$2.00, 18/$5.00, 40/$0.00
Availability: In Stock
Israeli tea peach flavour
$10.00, 0/$2.00, 18/$5.00, 40/$0.00
Availability: In Stock
Raspberry tea Israeli fruits tea
$10.00, 0/$2.00, 18/$5.00, 40/$0.00
Availability: In Stock
Nana Tea Israeli herbal  25 tea sachets
$10.00, 0/$2.00, 18/$5.00, 40/$0.00
Availability: In Stock

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